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Habits of Broke People You must Leave Now!

The way you’re handling your money daily plays a significant factor to how successful you would be in building your wealth. If you’re watchful with your budget and careful on how you handle it, then it is going to help in developing your wealth. However, if you do apply negative habits in handling your finances, then there is a big chance that you might end yourself broke and fail to achieve your financial goals.

There’s a difference between how rich and poor people handle their finances. These differences are what setting them apart. It is recommended that you start abandoning the poor habits discussed below:

Not Following a Budget

A broke person never seems to understand the true value of budgeting. Budgeting is actually your biggest strength in having control over your finances. This helps big time in determining how much you are spending on things. This is giving you the power of learning how to save or to pay your debts. So if you have lawsuit loans that you’ve taken out, following a budget can help you to still keep the lifestyle you are used to have and pay for the loan at the same time.

There are a lot of people who do not like budgeting or think that things would work for themselves eventually. But in reality, everyone regardless of how much you are making has to follow and stick to a budget. Unless you have limits of your own, you can spend more than what you are earning.

Spending more than they on Discretionary Purchases

It is understandable that we need to have a bit of fun every now and then. But if most of your money goes on discretionary purchases, then you might end up being financially thin or worse, not being able to pay your bills.

These discretionary purchases may include spending on stuff like:

  • Shoes
  • Eating out
  • Video games
  • Leisure

The small steps you do in cutting back on unnecessary spending makes a huge difference on your finances. Make a goal to limit how much you should spend in a month on clothing, eating out and such and see how much change this can bring to your financial situation.

No Financial Planning

Broke people never understands the reasons for having a clear financial plan. This is the same with hiking without a route or map to follow. You’re going blind with your finances. Sure, you might have the good things in life but you’re more likely to be lost in your destination.

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The Best Way To Bridge The Gap In Finances Quick

It may happen that there is not enough money at the end of the month. Above all, those who need money quickly and easily will not get ahead with the multi-day application process for a regular installment loan. In such a case, taking out an expensive instant loan should only be the very last option. It’s worth checking some simple options in advance to bridge the bottleneck.


Ten Legit Ways To Get Money Fast


Check the discounts on the current account


Everyone has a checking account. If you have had yours for a long time and have also received regular salaries, chances are good that the bank has also granted you a credit line. This means that you can overdraw your account with a certain amount.


It’s not for nothing that the bank lends you money in this way. Some banks charge 10 percent or more of overdraft interest per year, others offer their customers better conditions. If you have a regular salary and a sufficient credit score, you can consider switching banks if your previous bank is too expensive to do so. You can find an overview of the cheapest overdraft conditions in our comparison of overdraft and overdraft interest.


Check credit line of credit


There is often a credit card for the current account. If you have one, check what type of card it is. The so-called charge credit card charges expenses once a month – often on a day of the current month – with the checking account. In this case, the bank grants a certain credit line for at least one month.


The DKB currently offers a free charge credit card with otherwise good conditions. If you have a regular salary and a sufficient credit score, you can think about such a card.


You can also borrow money for a month free of charge with a revolving credit card, a card with which you can pay off your debts in installments. However, you should not use the installment payment due to the high-interest rates. The Santander Consumer Bank offers a revolving card on good terms, but you have to take action yourself and pay your card debts once a month. Because the Santander Consumer Bank does not automatically debit sales.


Credit from friends and family


Those who are in financial need and for whom neither overdraft nor credit card is an option can ask friends and relatives for a personal loan. The loan from private individuals is a loan without credit.


Another advantage: Both contracting parties can determine the conditions (term, repayment, collateral) for the loan themselves. If in doubt, you will receive the money immediately. In order to avoid later disputes, we recommend that you write down the most important points of the agreement (loan amount, payment and repayment dates, interest rate). Use our contract template.


Loan from private via platforms on the Internet


If you are denied the opportunity to borrow money from friends or family, you can also try to get a loan from private individuals via platforms on the Internet. The credit agency plays a role here. However, providers also use their own models to assess the creditworthiness (creditworthiness) of their customers.


The platforms work with both private lenders and banks. The customer receives the loan from the bank; he also pays the loan installments back to them. The bank then passes the interest on private lenders. You can find out more about our personal loan guide.


Expensive instant money and short-term loans only in an emergency


If you want to borrow money quickly, you will also find offers on the Internet such as instant money from Targobank, emergency money calls from Fidorbank – or short – term loans. Providers are Vexcash, Cashper, and Xpresscredit.


All offers have in common that the money is transferred to the account on the same day. However, that costs extra. Anyone wishing to receive the Targobank instant money on the application day must pay 25 euros. Short-term loans are more expensive: depending on the amount of the loan, Xpresskredit also charges a fee of EUR 99 for the transfer on the same day. If you do not repay the loan on time, you will have to pay interest on late payments and dunning fees.


Instant credit or short-term loans are not possible without a credit check. Some providers check whether borrowers have a negative credit statement. In that case, no credit is given. Others check the creditworthiness according to their own criteria.

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