Self-employed entrepreneurs have to support themselves. They always aim for growth and work in a disciplined and structured manner despite all the challenges of everyday life. That means right from the start. You have to be always focused and work on your own company.

There is no time for private problems and distractions. Holidays and free time are often neglected in economically difficult years and especially at the beginning of a business start-up. And yet the self-employed craftsman must always be healthy and fit.


The right motivation and prerequisites for wholesale kitchen cabinets entrepreneurs

Yes, being your own boss. This is the motivation for many start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Theoretically, there is also the fact that a self-employed person has no upper income limits, provided he is really good in his field and has mastered the business.

From a purely economic point of view, there are currently optimal conditions for starting a business in the cabinet making industry. Remember that the lack of skilled workers in the wholesale kitchen cabinets trades can be a serious problem.

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How much do you earn as a self-employed wholesale kitchen cabinets craftsman?

First of all, income should never be the motivation for starting a business. Money will only make you happy for a short time. And sometimes it will be more and sometimes far too little money. Rather, you must enjoy the work you do every day to such an extent that you are willing to live happily for several years with a modest income while pursuing your passion.

On average, there are well-earning craftsmen among employees as well as among the self-employed. On average, the difference in income between employees and the self-employed is small. However, there is a clear trend. Those who employ their own employees usually earn more than employees and solo workers.

There are also master craftsmen who earn significantly more than a doctor. But there are also many individual entrepreneurs in the trades who live on the subsistence level and cannot get by without help. If you’re really good and competent, you’ll find your customers easier and more likely to earn more money.