Women often assume that they have too little financial knowledge. One thing is particularly important when it comes to retirement provision. The earlier you start, the better. However, income inequality and the unequal distribution of roles prevent many women from investing in the capital market.

Women pay attention when investing money

Women often find the subject more complicated than men. According to a survey by the banking association, women perform worse than their male counterparts when it comes to exemplary questions from the financial world. Only around 40% knew what a mutual fund is. For men, it was almost half.


Women in particular pay particular attention to security when investing money. Around 74% of investors rate security as particularly important. For men, it is only 64%. Perhaps that is why forms of investment such as savings accounts, call money and time deposits are extremely popular. But that alone is not enough to offset inflation and build wealth in the long term. Instead, you should also think about investing in the capital market.