Many factors can cause personal stress and anxiety. One common cause is finances. Money is an essential commodity for survival thus becoming the most common sources of stress for many people. This is especially true for people who do not know how to handle their money or finances. In order to survive and cope up in this moving world, below are some suggestions to avoid this stress.






Here are some common mistakes people make with their money.

  1. Do not hope or expect too much. Many people justify their spending habits in the belief that that one day they will make lots of money and all of their financial problems will disappear. This is a real thing for many people. This is very common in the line of entrepreneurship. People who enter into business have the notion that their life will be successful as they grow their business. In some cases, business owners already spend money which they even haven’t earned yet. This is a very dangerous trap.
  2. Most people do not have an income problem but a spending problem. Learn to not spend more than what you are earning. Save and invest instead.
  3. Holding cash. Many people make the mistake of holding their money in banks or even keeping cash in their homes. Be aware that that inflation can affect your money. Holding money in banks will actually lose value every year. Saving money is not the only step in financial wellness but invest money in places that have higher returns.