"It was fabulous, I had a great time giving my presentation. It was very interactive!"

Kerre Corbin, Counterfeit Analyst, De La Rue

"We are very excited to be at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo!"

Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President – Retail Markets, Glory

"Everybody that has come through has been a serious buyer that's come here to do business. So it’s a huge positive."

Chase Goggans, Owner, Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange

"It was a great experience meeting the most important players in the anti-counterfeiting industry."

Ajit Shah, QV Chemicals LLC

"All I thought it would be and then some more."

Derek Metuge, The Random Strategies

"There was a nice mix of people talking about different topics...I’ll be walking the entire floor in the next couple of days, because there's a lot of people I haven’t seen before."

Adam Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer, Cash Processing Solutions

"It’s been excellent. We've met a lot of very qualified prospects, as well as many possible partners."

Eric Parker, GardaWorld

"The quality and time allowed to nurture is second to none that we've ever seen."

Matthew Holt, Director of Sales, Cassida Corporation

"Overall a great, great first event!"

David Maginsky, Well Advised LLC

"I would say we came along with two or three expectations and we’ve exceeded those already, not even after day one. It has exceeded our expectations."

Paul Dunn, Director of Optical Technology, OpSec Security

"It’s been good. We’ve had some good leads so far from day one. It’s been heavily trafficked, which is a good sign. I think we’ve seen a lot of interest in the counterfeit document space, even though it’s a currency based show."

Tony Whiterman, Gemalto

"It's been really great. We've met a lot of people that are looking for genuine solutions to fight counterfeiting."

Kelly Nguyen, CEO, IDLogiq

"The show was well organized and we found new suppliers to work with."

Muhammad Faisal Jabbar Chaudhry, Delta Office Automation LLC

"Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo provided a very good introduction to the industry - and a solid way to connect with industry leaders."

William Healey, Casino Life Magazine