The 3 Keys to KICTeam’s Lasting OEM Partnerships

The relationship between an OEM and a product provider is one that is built on trust and reliability. The OEM must count on the provider to dedicate their time and resources to the design and distribution of their products. In turn the provider gains industry confidence and a long-term partner. How you approach this partnership is crucial to the future of the relationship and each other’s success.

The KICTeam Approach

At KICTeam they rely on these 3 essential elements to building great relationships with our OEMs

Complimentary products:  Their OEM partners are the leaders in the financial device industry. Whether they manufacture ATMs, check scanners, thermal printers, cash acceptors, or complete kiosks, their focus is on giving customers a seamless experience. The most common cause of a breakdown in that experience is dirt and debris that collects on internal components. OEMs seek them out because the easiest and most effective way to clean dirty components is with KICTeam’s cleaning products. Patented technologies such as Waffletechnology and proprietary cleaning agents like MiracleMagic make KICTeam’s products unmatched for a safe and complete cleaning.

Taking it to the next level: As a truly dedicated partner, KICTeam does more than simply put a label on existing product. Even though our standard cleaning cards and tools would keep devices clean and running, designing a specifically tailored product for our OEM is the real goal. Their product development team examines the OEM’s device to learn everything they can about where and how dirt builds up. Once they have established the problem area, KICTeam design and build a unique cleaning product using:

  • The right cleaning agents – KICTeam uses a suite of proprietary cleaning agents tailored to meet the specific needs of various devices and environments.
  • The right tools and technology – Their broad portfolio of specialized & patented tools and technologies give them the ability to access and clean nearly every device.
  • The right materials – KICTeam’s experience in cleaning and as a manufacturer has given them a unique understanding of how to leverage material characteristics.
  • The right process – As important as choosing the right tools for the job is knowing the most effective ways to use them to complement one another.
  • The right program – Assembling the cleaning agent tools, materials, and processes allows them to build a cohesive cleaning program.

Nurture and grow: OEM partners came to them because they don’t want anything interfering with the performance or reputation of their machines. Especially something as preventable as dirt and dust. They chose KICTeam because of their expertise in cleaning for their industry and the products and services only they can offer. But they stay with them because they don’t stop there. KICTeam know OEMs are constantly updating their devices with new technologies or to meet market needs. And they are right there with them. Small changes can impact how well their products perform, and therefore, how well the device performs. They are committed to understanding their OEM’s priorities and adapting to their growth.

In this overview of how they approach their OEM partnerships it’s easy to see how KICTeam doesn’t just provide a product but becomes an extension of an organization. It is this deep involvement and understanding that gives our partners peace of mind in knowing their customers are receiving the best care for their investment.

Want to learn more about our products or processes? Have questions about how they keep your equipment clean? Or just want to understand more about cleaning your device? Visit KICTeam at Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, taking place November 6-8, 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.