Stardust Material Will Be Presenting Their Patented Inkjet Security Technology At ACCE

Barcode on PhoneStardust Materials, an exhibitor at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo will be presenting their patented inkjet security technology suitable for both CIJ and DoD using aqueous, solvent, or UV-curable ink.

The ink contains IR-fluorescent nano-sized ceramic taggant material of high emission efficiency to print latent text, images, or barcodes. The applications include ID personalization data, batch numbers, expiration dates that are invisible to the naked eye and revealed through a customized camera or a barcode scanner. The hidden data may also be overprinted with graphics to save the valuable real estate on a package or a document and still be read through in IR. The camera visualizes the invisible barcode to be scanned with a smartphone. The ink can also include a UV-fluorescent component and a forensic authentication feature. The presence of the IR taggant can also be verified with a hand-held tester.

About Startdust Materials

Stardust Materials is a Research and Development firm whose mission is to protect the integrity of your brand through full-service strategic and technological solutions. With their combined experience, their elite Stardust Materials team of physicists, engineers, supply-chain experts, and investigators possess the passionate drive necessary to combat the ever-encroaching problem of global counterfeiting and diversion.

Don't miss Stardust Materials at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, November 6-8, 2018, Las Vegas, USA. 

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