PNO Global to Launch Snowfish Counterfeit Analysis at ACCE

Allowing central banks to make objective fitness decks of banknote series, PNO's Snowfish CA (Counterfeit Analysis) is a sophisticated tool designed to analyze counterfeit banknotes in detail. PNO Global will be debuting their Snowfish CA at the upcoming Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo. Find out more about PNO's latest innovation below.

‘Made in Holland’

Windmills, tulips, water management and many other topics are famous. With technology and knowledge we are all over the world to help governments, institutions and farmers with sophisticated solutions. The Dutch are a little bit more humble than some others, but based on what we already achieved during centuries, for example as largest dairy exporter to China, we play our role without speaking about this too loudly.

One of newest innovative instruments from Holland is the Snowfish Counterfeit Analysis. In close co-operation with IGT Testing Systems (former part of the famous TNO Delft), Tom Buitelaar, former banknote expert Dutch National Bank and European Central Bank and PNO Global, the Snowfish range is developed and at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo the Snowfish CA will be launched. This instrument is for experts who want to know the “DNA” of a counterfeit banknote or document. By reading the counterfeit note by the Snowfish CA an analysis will be made and the unique software generates in a split of a second all data of the banknote or document. Needless to say that these specific data give great opportunities for all sorts of analyses and classifications. This all is included in the Snowfish CA.

Do come and see how it is working and how the Snowfish CA can add value to your organisation, like the Dutch already did for centuries with great success.

Visit booth 430 and taste and experience Dutch quality.


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