Sergey Tkachenko To Speak On "Challenges For Introducing New Features On Banknotes"

Sergey Tkachenko will be speaking at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Conference this November on the session "Challenges For Introducing New Features Integration". His presentation analyses how the issuing authorities approach implementing new features in banknotes issued over the past five years. New features are a warranty against counterfeiting in the age of rapid technological progress which the counterfeiters employ to improve their skills.

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165 new banknotes introduced by 42 issuing authorities were selected for the study. The analyzed banknotes were both new issues and upgraded series that came out with a brand new set of features. Nevertheless, it was possible to make a conclusion on what the issuing authorities preferred and the current tendencies in the currency industry.

While the study was limited in depth, a conclusion was made that given the great diversity in the market of security features, the banks unanimously continue using the traditional features (present on 100% of the banknotes), despite the fact that counterfeiters have long ago produced quality imitations of them.

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