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4 - 18 - 18

SUZOHAPP Announces New Strategic Partnership With Nanoptix

A founding exhibitor of the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, SUZOHAPP is proud to announce its new partnership with Nanoptix, a global provider of technologies for the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement markets. The new agreement involves the global distribution of all printing solutions from Nanoptix. This new partnership reflects a new strategic direction for SUZOHAPP and represents its strong commitment to offer the most technologically advanced pr...

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4 - 17 - 18

FireKing Whitepaper: Cash Recycling Summary

Cash remains as relevant in retail as it has ever been. Although slowly declining as a percentage of point-of-sale transactions, the amount of cash in circulation continues to grow in the United States. Managing this growing volume of cash remains problematic, as there are widely known cash handling challenges facing retail operations today. These include, but are not limited to, the following: Shrinkage due to internal theft Daily cash handling time investments from ...

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4 - 13 - 18

FireKing® Security Group Launches Intuitive New Website Design

FireKing Security Group has recently announced the launch of their newly redesigned website - With an easier-to-use interface, improved access to resources, and examples of how their single-source solutions can solve security and cash management needs, their website provides a drastically improved user experience for both current and prospective customers. It’s another example of FireKing’s...

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4 - 4 - 18

Exhibitor Spotlight – Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President at Glory – Retail Markets

This month we turn the spotlight on Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President at Glory – Retail Markets. In the interview, we uncover the future trends in the cash handling and automation sector as well as the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces within the next five years. Hi Peter, please can you tell us about your role as Senior Vice ...

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3 - 29 - 18

Market Outlook for 2018 Global Security Print Industry

In 2018, the global market for security printing technologies is in a flux as new challenges reorder the landscape in several key end-use applications. Exclusive information from Smithers Pira, shows that this industry will have a total value of $28.46 billion the market is set to grow at a compound annual growth ra...

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3 - 28 - 18

Green is the new Black – Unless You’re a Bank

Recreational and medical-use marijuana has been legally sold in at least 29 states across the USA for some time now. It’s been welcomed by many, fought against by others, and generally slipped its way into mainstream culture and medical treatment programs across the nation. Number crunchers BDS Analytics, who are charting the meteoric rise of the US cannabis industry, estimates that sales of recreational pot in 2018 will reach around $11billion. Yes, billion. But w...

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3 - 26 - 18

Mühlbauer’s Authenticity and Fitness Check for Used Coins: COIN INSPECT Flex

Mühlbauer’s coin inspection technology is based on almost 20 years of experience. The latest solution COIN INSPECT Flex offers different configurations and can exactly be adapted to the demanding requirements posed by the high-speed inspection of used circulation coins, which implies two major tasks: detection of fake coins and coin fitness check. Different inspection methods are combined and their results are related to each other. Only this correlation enables a ...

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3 - 26 - 18

Mühlbauer’s Smart Factory Solution for Banknote Printers: PalaMax

As an international company with almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing system solutions for the worldwide security printing industry, Mühlbauer is in the position to serve the automation needs of state and private printers of banknotes and other security documents around the world. To manage your banknote production even more efficiently Mühlbauer has launched a professional Smart Factory solution to automate your entire manufacturing processes. Esp...

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