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10 - 16 - 18

Balance Innovations: It’s 5 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Deposits Are?

Deposit tracking sounds simple, right? Your stores send deposits to the bank, and the funds show up in your account. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of ways your deposit process can go awry. As with many challenges involved in retail currency management, manual processes cause many of the problems with deposits. Manual procedures leave a lot of opportunity for fraud and errors – both inside and outside your business. As I've worked with retailers, I’ve heard ...

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10 - 15 - 18

BranchServ's Transition to ESOP Driving Record Breaking Results and Better Service for its Customer Base

BranchServ, a Division of Custom Vault Corporation, announced that revenues in the first half of 2018 were its strongest to date, topping several years of successive double-digit growth. Strong successes in its service business have complemented stellar security and automation equipment sales to drive performance. Since its inception, BranchServ has been known industry-wide for establishing the gold standard in service for banks and credit unions; delivering response rates, qua...

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10 - 15 - 18

GardaWorld to Showcase Armored Vehicle at Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo 2018

  One of the world’s largest privately-owned security services companies, GardaWorld offer a vast range of highly focused business solutions, including cutting-edge security services and cash solutions. GardaWorld pride themselves on providing customers with cash pick-ups, using the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art armored vehicles. ...

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10 - 12 - 18

BranchServ Launches CV Cash Automation Brand with Expanded Portfolio

BranchServ, a Division of Custom Vault Corporation, has launched the CV Cash Automation brand to encompass its cash recycling business and new products secured via a partnership with Ellenby Technologies. As a result, BranchServ will now offer the CV Cash Automation LTA-350 recycler and CashTrak™ currency depositing smart safes under the CV Cash Automation umbrella.   The LTA-350 Cash Recycler from Atec drove BranchServ's automation success in 2017 due to its market lea...

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10 - 11 - 18

Featured Showcases

The highly anticipated Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo (ACCE) is shaping up to be a revolutionary event for the world of currency, cash management, and secure document printing. With near-hundreds of world-leading exhibitors scheduled to attend, there will be plenty of innovations on display at ACCE. Take a look at some of the best products and solutions in our Featured Showcases segment, where we will be giving sneak peeks at what our exhibitors have to offer. ...

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10 - 1 - 18

Spotlight on Mary Probst, Gemalto, Inc.

The world leader in digital security, Gemalto provides secure documents, identity solutions and services in the civil identity sector.  Ahead of the Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo, we spoke with Mary Probst of Gemalto, Inc., about the company's newest technological innovations, upcoming developments within the industry, and what she's hoping to achieve from attending ACCE. Hi Mary, please tell us about your current role. What are your key focus areas an...

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9 - 28 - 18

Automation Technology Now Drives Tech Era Cash Insight Into Retail

By Dr. Rory Herriman Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Software and Digital Systems SUZOHAPP   Powerful analytics software is now providing operational insight and visibility far beyond transactional data; it is providing a platform for HR, IT, Loss Prevention, and Treasury to derive value apart from the value of the payments themselves. ...

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9 - 26 - 18

APG Cash Drawer Presents: SMARTtill Cash Management Solution

Cash processing can be a costly business, as APG Cash Drawer points out. Hence the need for their latest creation, the SMARTtill Cash Management Solution. Read more about the benefits of the product, and see it in action, below. Reduce your cash losses by up to 90%! Cash is a popular tender with customers and it remains a costly area of operations within the retail environment. Based on a recent report from the IHL Group, the cost of cash ranges from 4%...

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