NEW Product Launch: Currencies of the World Online Database

Currencies of the World is an authoritative online database for those specifying, designing, producing or handling currency, developed by Intercrim Press Ltd, a leading global source on cash circulation, banknote authentication, and counterfeiting prevention. Their team brings together people of commitment and zeal who are trying to make cash as trustworthy and efficient as possible.

The online database is supplied to a great number of central banks and monetary authorities in partnership with Currency News™ and is a powerful tool for those specifying, designing, producing or handling currency.

Reach a highly targeted audience by sponsoring the Catalogue on new technologies that might include any information about your company and its products.

The profile of each company includes its story and the link to the website.

Their sponsors are free to market any product they wish from security features to cash management solutions. The sponsors could also post a footage to get involved their audience.

The Catalogue allows keeping an eye on the latest security features, providing a smart navigation by suppliers and categories.

It shows a detailed description of a feature and the link to the company site. Below you will find the list of banknotes that this particular feature was used on.

To find more details on production technology, click on Security Features Guide.

Contributing to The Catalogue ensures that your solutions and products will reach central banks within the shortest delay.

The online database is continuously updated and remains available 24 hours.

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