New Technologies of Global Importance for Optics and the Fight Against Counterfeiting

Czech technology company IQ Structures s.r.o. was founded in 2012. It develops and manufactures micro- and nano-structures that provide products and materials with unique features and properties. It focuses on protection against counterfeiting, lenses for LED lighting and the development of new materials.

IQ Structures s.r.o. is engaged in advanced technologies, and develops and manufactures micro- and nano-structures that provide products and materials with unique features and properties. In 2018, the company announced two major results of its research and development. Nanoptiqs, unique nano- and micro-structured lenses for LED lights and special sensors and an anti- counterfeiting polycarbonate card security system called IQ proID.

IQ proID technology, developed by IQ Structures s.r.o. to secure documents against counterfeiting, enables document makers to work freely and utilize previously impossible combinations of techniques, both for creating more effective and functional security features, and for creating new document designs. IQ proID technology was successfully introduced at a presentation entitled “Art of Identity Protection” at Security Document World (SDW 2018) in London and at the ID4Africa conference held in the capital of Nigeria. At Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo you can find new solutions at booth 636.

IQ proID is a technology enabling the implementation of entirely new document protection procedures. It is possible to use any number of protective holographic elements of any shape, which are integrated into the body of the polycarbonate document without the use of adhesives, making them very difficult to remove or counterfeit. It is possible to combine holograms and attach them to printed elements into a single unit, and the same is possible with metallic motifs. Combinations of transparent and metallic holograms are very effective. Essentially, a designer’s possibilities are almost unlimited and, at the same time, the security of anti-counterfeiting documents is greatly increased.

“IQ proID technology allows data to be inserted into layers under a transparent holographic element and into the holographic element itself, specifically its metallic variant, and can be in the form of alphanumeric codes or binary bitmap images. Such personalization of the holographic element is irreversible and unremovable. This clearly links the holographic element to a specific document, and it cannot be manipulated”, explained Robert Dvořák, Director of Strategic Projects at IQ Structures s.r.o.

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