New Product Launch: HD SecureCode

Ahead of ACCE, HD Barcode LLC will be introducing their latest line of HD Barcode solutions, called “HD SecureCode” for currency, tax stamps, and important documents. Unlike public 2D Codes, “HD SecureCode” not only offers the most advanced security features for a code that is currently available, but the most amount of data compacted in a code as well. Depending upon the printing method and resolution capabilities, a 256 character “HD SmartCode” containing anti-counterfeiting security features can be as small as a “decimal point” when read with a SmartPhone with an attached microscope. At 600 dpi, the code below is under 4 mm square:



 There are some important key differences in “HD SecureCode” versus other Codes, including:


  • Code Generator Software Program: HD Barcode is the most unique 2D Barcode on the market. Each code is sold with its own “authorization key” in a proprietary code generator. This allows the code owner to create encrypted HD Barcodes specifically for authorized Smartphones or open codes for public use.


  • Code Generator: A secure minicomputer is interfaced to your processor or network that allows only the Government or Assigned User the ability to create their unique HD Barcode with their assigned number for the tax stamp.


  • Code Generator and Smartphone Reader App: The code generator allows the user to create a “secret phase” that is in the generated code and that password that must be in the authorized readers app for the reader to decode the tax stamp.


  • Public/Private Key Encryption: The code can be provided with Public/Private key encryption, so only authorized readers can in fact read the code.


  • No Backdoor: There is no backdoor or way for any person or company, including HD Barcode LLC to obtain the private key if the government keeps the code generator secure.


  • Reading Only: The readers are always kept separate with the authorized app to read the code. Readers cannot reverse engineer the code.


  • Internet: No Database or Internet is required to decode the information, but a link can be provided if desired.


  • Code Format Configurability: Codes can be generated as lines or dots with squares or rectangles. The code generator has the ability to create optimum codes for tax stamps. Instead of large squares, lines or dots where the thickness and separation can be programmed for optimum print reader quality.


  • Code Serialization: Since the code can contain substantially more information than other 2D codes, like QR, full serialization information can be added to the code as well.


  • Smartphone Speech Option: The code has the capability to have the information in the code provided as a voice readout in many languages.


  • Language Input: The HD Barcode can be generated in any Unicode based language.


  • HTML or Zip files: The code can be stored as either HTML or zipped files.


  • Printing: The HD Barcode can be printed in the same manner as any other barcode with the advantage that lines are easier to print than squares.


  • HD Barcode Density: The code can be programmed to decrease the separation between lines and spaces to compact more data in a smaller code. The amount that can be done is based on the resolution of the reading device.


  • Android or iPhones: The code can be programmed to read with either type Smartphones


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