Mühlbauer’s Smart Factory Solution for Banknote Printers: PalaMax

As an international company with almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing system solutions for the worldwide security printing industry, Mühlbauer is in the position to serve the automation needs of state and private printers of banknotes and other security documents around the world.

To manage your banknote production even more efficiently Mühlbauer has launched a professional Smart Factory solution to automate your entire manufacturing processes.

Especially the miniaturization of sensors as well as the increased power for the processing of huge data makes it possible nowadays to generate a huge amount of information, which can be processed, analyzed and ultimately also monetized. From the first to the last manufacturing operation, production and quality data is collected, analyzed, edited, and provided. You can monitor, control, and optimize the process to make banknote printing more cost-efficient than ever before.

The Mühlbauer PalaMax Software: intuitive statistics and coherent reports; adaptable to any end device
The Mühlbauer PalaMax Software: intuitive statistics and coherent reports; adaptable to any end device


Dedicated PalaMax modules for banknote printers:

Detailed information though Track & Trace
Seamless tracking of each sheet through the entire production process: Relate the aggregated production and quality data to the individual sheet.
Higher efficiency through detailed Production Statistics
Real-time production statistics anywhere: Detect critical production periods, determine the potential for improvements, and advance the process.
Minimized maintenance through predictive scheduling
Optimized machine utilization: Switch from random to scheduled stoppages to plan production down times in a deterministic manner. Gather latest data through machine learning.
Cost and quality control through Material Management
Booking of all consumables: Always be informed about your input - compare different materials and suppliers and select the best sources.

Mühlbauer’s know-how encompasses a broad portfolio of manufacturing equipment for the production of Smart Card and ePassport production machinery, high-speed industrial vision systems, and currency inspection technology as well as software solutions. Therefore, Mühlbauer has a holistic view of the different building blocks such as software, hardware, and data, which are working together to build an efficient system solution.

Mühlbauer will be showcasing this technology at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, taking place November 6-8, 2018 in Las Vegas.

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