Mühlbauer’s Authenticity and Fitness Check for Used Coins: COIN INSPECT Flex

Mühlbauer’s coin inspection technology is based on almost 20 years of experience. The latest solution COIN INSPECT Flex offers different configurations and can exactly be adapted to the demanding requirements posed by the high-speed inspection of used circulation coins, which implies two major tasks: detection of fake coins and coin fitness check.

Different inspection methods are combined and their results are related to each other. Only this correlation enables a reliable assessment of the coin quality and a credible decision whether a coin is genuine and suitable for further circulation or not.

COIN INSPECT Flex employs mainly optical methods for inspecting the coin design including the edge area, checking the color, and determining diameter and thickness of the coin. Additionally, the material structure can be analyzed by verifying its electromagnetic properties of the coin.

Facts to know about COIN INSPECT Flex for used circulation coins:
  1. Smooth and precise coin transport at high speed
    Up to 3000 coins/min can continuously be inspected in a two-lane transport. Each coin is always in a controlled movement during the entire inspection process.
  2. High-end inspection units
    Up to seven inspection units per lane can be employed for quality verification. A standardized cassette system ensures maximum flexibility and easy maintenance.
  3. Combination of different inspection methods
    Design, color, dimensions, and electro-magnetic properties are inspected to make sure that counterfeits and unfit coins are unfailingly detected.
  4. 100% reliable sorting
    Up to 4 reject channels are available to actively remove unaccepted coins from the belt and deliver them to the corresponding boxes.
  5. Easy mechanical setup and parameter settings
    Coin separation and centering adjustments can easily be done by a nominal within a few minutes. Software settings are supported by reasonable templates and previews. The operation is intuitive.

More information can be found here.

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