Mühlbauer: SHEET INSPECT with New Feature

Mühlbauer SHEET INSPECT with Microtext Recognition on the Security Thread of Banknotes

In times of increasing security requirements, security features on banknotes are becoming increasingly important to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. The SHEET INSPECT, Mühlbauer's fully automated all-in-one solution for separating, checking and sorting unprinted or printed sheets, has been specially developed to meet the high demands of security printing.

State-of-the-art inspection system

The SHEET INSPECT convinces customers worldwide with their unique full inspection solution that covers all quality issues such as notch flaws, holes, tears, wrinkles and nodules in the substrate, bumps, color deviations, print and OVI defects, fiber density and presence, position and completeness the security features and presence and intensity of the magnetic ink.

Now, the comprehensive technology portfolio has been extended by a new function: the inspection of Mikrotext on the security thread, which is inserted directly into the paper and consists of plastic or metal.

New Feature: High Speed ​​Mikrotext Inspection

Mühlbauer is the world leader in the inspection of microtext on the security thread of banknotes. "Sheet Inspect is the only system on the market capable of performing this inspection so reliably and quickly, and none of our competitors can perform this kind of visual inspection," says Regine Pflamminger, Business Development Manager at Mühlbauer.

Mühlbauer has integrated algorithms of machine learning, which work on the principle of pattern recognition. This inspection runs without loss of speed and up to 12,000 sheets per hour with simultaneous inspection of the microtext.

Nanotext Inspection

It is currently being investigated whether nanotext, a security feature even smaller than microtext, can be tested at a consistently high speed.

Detailed information about MB SHEET INSPECT can be found here.

Don't miss Mühlbauer exhibiting at booth 507 at Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, November 6-8 2018.

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