HD SmartCode™: Authenticate, Track, Trace, and Diversion Prevention Without the Internet or a Database

HD SmartcodeHD Barcode will displaying their HD SmartCode™ at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, taking place this November 6-8, 2018. HD SmartCode™ is a patented, secure, and private solution that can embed massive amounts of data for a range of applications for each manufacturer or government agency. From packaging and components to currency and tax stamps, HD SmartCode™ provides users with a turnkey solution to create unique 2D codes for their application.

Users are provided the ability to create HD SmartCode’s through a user-friendly data entry program with back-end encryption algorithm. HD SmartCode™ allows manufacturers full control over size, shape, and even layout. Each code generator is equipped with an exclusive authorization key and ability to generate unique security codes that must be scanned by smartphones or reader devices before specific codes may be decrypted.

HD SmartCode’s cannot be reversed engineered or altered to display false information. With contents embedded, encrypted, and unknown to counterfeiters, copying codes simply provides the same information that was originally intended. With HD SmartCode’s specifying distribution and end-user details, manufacturers will know if there is an issue in their supply chain should codes be in the wrong region. With sole ownership of HD SmartCode’s authentication key, there is no possibility of backdoor hacking to occur.

Enhance your product authentication and anti-counterfeiting efforts with HD SmartCode™

HD Barcode will be exhibiting at Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo 2018. Don't miss a demo of their HD SmarCode technology by visiting them at booth 330 - click here to secure your free pass.