Gemalto Document Reader AT10K Now Fully Integrated with Gemalto Identity Document Verification and LFIS Check Solutions

The Gemalto Document Reader AT10K is now available with Gemalto Identity Document Verification (IDV) Solution and Gemalto Cogent LFIS Check Solution integration. Expanding on the AT10K’s current integration with third-party identity verification and visitor management solution partners using the robust SDK, the addition of the integration with Gemalto’s own IDV solution broadens the reach of our highly accurate and reliable document readers for customized solutions where an integrator partner is not available to the end customer while integration with Gemalto’s LFIS Check solution incorporates facial recognition capabilities adding an additional layer of enhanced security, authentication and verification.

Gemalto IDV is a flexible and multi-channel solution that automatically performs the identity verification of a customer and facilitates his/her enrollment. The Gemalto LFIS Check solution leverages Cogent’s highly accurate facial recognition technology to compare the live person with the images on the document and/or embedded chip to confirm a person’s identity. Both solutions are each offered as individual add-on components or bundled with the AT10K.

Available in both desktop and OEM models, this latest generation document reader has a smaller footprint and brings an aesthetic design to what is traditionally a basic, ordinary task oriented device. Designed for the most demanding authentication and identification scenarios, the new Gemalto AT10K allows users to inspect, authenticate and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably. The IR and UV capabilities of the AT10k document reader aids in identification and authenticity of a government issued identity document helping customers meet demanding security requirements.

Designed with operator usability in mind providing consistent, high first-time read rate, requiring minimal training for first-time users and providing efficient, intuitive use that is ideal for high traffic scenarios. Intuitive features include LED "landing light" feedback that guides the user to properly place documents, progress bar with Tick/Cross indicators that inform the user that the reader is processing and when the document can be removed, document spine clip that holds down documents and passport books and a removable document hood to allow for cell phone and tablet reading or use with gloved hands make the AT10K the most intuitive, easy-to-use reader in the Gemalto document reader product portfolio.

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