Featured Showcases

The highly anticipated Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Expo (ACCE) is shaping up to be a revolutionary event for the world of currency, cash management, and secure document printing. With near-hundreds of world-leading exhibitors scheduled to attend, there will be plenty of innovations on display at ACCE. Take a look at some of the best products and solutions in our Featured Showcases segment, where we will be giving sneak peeks at what our exhibitors have to offer.

GardaWorld: Providing Secure Transportation with Signature Armored Vehicles

One of the world's largest privately-owned security services companies, GardaWorld, will be showcasing one of their signature armored vehicles at Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo in November.

Offering secure end-to-end solutions, including secure transportation, smart safes, and cash vault services, GardaWorld perform more than 100,000+ daily pickups and processes USD $8 billion+ in cash every day.

See GardaWorld's unique technologies up close at the front of the hall at booth 301.

SUZOHAPP: Cash Management Solutions for the Digital Age

SUZOHAPP will be showcasing their cash management solutions for the digital age at ACCE, with live demonstrations of their new cash management solutions ecosystem.

With retailers being forced to keep up with emerging digital techniques, SUZOHAPP have provided a solution to stay ahead of this technological evolution.

As well as premiering their new cash management solutions, SUZOHAPP will be facilitating strategic discussions at their booth (614), covering: what actionable, real-time analytics you can expect from a cash management solution and the best practices for treasury, loss prevention, operations, and IT teams.

Visit SUZOHAPP at booth 614 at the Anti-Counterfeit and Currency Conference to see CashComplete in action. 

Mühlbauer: New Technology for Mobile Verification of Documents

Premiering their new technology for mobile verification of documents, Mühlbauer will be showcasing the MB Steel Reader Mobile. The company's newest innovation can be used on standard mobile devices and allows for mobile verification of eMRTD and other contactless chips within just a few seconds. An intuitive user interface guarantees a simple and secure identification of the card holder.

Additionally, Mühlbauer will premier a video of their MB Sheet Inspect - an automatic all-in-one solution for separating, inspecting and sorting banknotes.

Discover the newest innovations up close at booth 507.

Foster + Freeman: VSC Document Examination Workstations

Demonstrating their latest VSC document examination workstations, Foster + Freeman will be presenting a variety of techniques, created to identify counterfeits and detect alterations to genuine documents. 

Don't miss the chance to see the innovative VSC8000 Instrument in operation at booth 605.

Tidel: Industry-Leading Cash Management Solutions

Witness live demonstration of industry-leading automated cash management solutions at Tidel's booth, where they will be showcasing a range of turnkey cash recyclers and smart safes. Built to address cash management obstacles across a variety of industries, Tidel's cash

management solutions promise a more efficient way to process and manage cash, whether you're a retailer, casino, or commercial bank.

Tailormade to secure, automate, and streamline cash management processes, Tidel's solutions allow store managers and employees alike to focus solely on what's important - their business.

See Tidel's industry-leading cash management solutions for yourself at booth 215.

Security Fibres UK: Making Paper Work

A leading manufacturer of security features for banknotes, passports, and other valuable documents, Security Fibres UK (SFUK Ltd), will be demonstrating their 'Hi-Sec' fiber designer tool, enabling you to make your own unique security fiber. 

Utilizing Rainbow fibers, planchettes, StarLites, and other security additives, SFUK are able to manufacture an integrated feature that is near-impossible to counterfeit or dupe.

Favoured worldwide for their cost-efficiency and high-security, SFUK's fibers are used in banknotes and passports globally.

Discover SFUK's unique security fibers up close and personal at booth 334.

Royal Sovereign: Pioneering Cash Management Solutions

An established name in the world of cash management solutions, Royal Sovereign will be demonstrating solutions from their cash management product line, including: counterfeit detectors, cash counters, and coin counting solutions. 

Royal Sovereign's innovative solutions have been created with the purpose decreasing and minimizing loss at the counter.

Equipped with special counterfeit detection, Royal Sovereign's bill counters are ideal for high-volume cash industries, such as banks, casinos, and nightclubs. 

Learn more about Royal Sovereign's cash management solutions at booth 335.

HD Barcode: Presents HD SmartCode

HD Barcode pride themselves on having created "the most advanced 2D barcode in the world". Now they've created the HD SmartCode, a patented, secure and private solution that can embed large amounts of data for manufacturers and government agencies. A user-friendly data entry program with back-end encryption allows you to easily create a HD SmartCode with full control over size, shape and layout. The HD SmartCode cannot be reverse-engineered or altered, meaning there is no possibility of back-door hacking.

Enhance your anti-counterfeiting efforts and visit HD Barcode at booth 330.

FireKing: The Future of Cash Management Technology

Presenting the future of cash management technology at ACCE, FireKing will be showing off their dual-note validating UNA-ST and brand-new Under-the-Counter Note Recycler (UNR).

Designed with the purpose of simplifying day-to-day cash processing, the UNA-ST makes daily cash handling information available to your entire organization.

Alternatively, the unique UNR, (not to be mistaken with a "smart" safe), accepts deposits and dispenses notes; it can also store notes, automatically manage cash inventory, and streamline the overall cash-management process.

Hear from FireKing at booth 321.


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