Fastest and smallest counterfeit detector from Dri Mark

The FlashTest Counterfeit Detector is the smallest and fastest detector ever made.

Easy to use and coming in at smaller than an iPhone, the FlashTest Detector fits comfortably beside a cash register. The device can perform three tests: the ink test, the watermark test, and the UV strip test. When performing the ink test, a beep and green light will let you know that the bill is legitimate. The device is fitted with an LED for the watermark test, which is effective for locating the security strip. It also features powerful UV leds to illuminate the security strip.

Creator Dri Mark is the leader in POP detection and will showcase its innovations at this year’s Anti Counterfeit & Currency Expo. Visit booth 415 to find out more.

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo is a completely free-to-attend event for retailers, casinos, government agencies, commercial and central banks. If you're interested in finding out more about the FlashTest Counterfeit Detector, pre-register online for your pass.