Document Security Software Ties Data to the Blockchain for Easy Authentication

To combat fraud, and as part of their commitment to innovation, TROY Group, Inc. has released security features to thwart even the most sophisticated fraudsters looking to counterfeit documents.

The Next Generation Software to Protect High Security Documents from Fraud

SecureDocs by TROY was developed to empower governments and public sector officials to build, design and add robust security to any printed document. A complement to security stock, SecureDocs has an easy to use visual designer where officials can design tamper-proof, fraud-resistant documents by adding layered security features in four key areas: personalization, covert, digital, and anti-copy. 

  1. Personalized Security: Easily verify document authenticity with variable data TROYMark, a unique watermark printed diagonally, and Microprint. With data pulled from the original document, the placement of TROYMark makes tampering very difficult.
  2. Covert Security: Add additional layers of anti-copy and fraud protection by printing with TROY SecureUV inks. Invisible to the naked eye, SecureUV fluoresces under the proper verification light. Ghost images and/or variable data text can be printed in SecureUV to make authentication easy and forging difficult.
  3. Digital Security: With non-sequential serialization and online or offline verification portals, SecureDocs makes it easy to quickly confirm the authenticity of a document. Serialization tagging allows for complete audit tracking and traceability.
  4. Anti-Copy Security: A pantograph helps prevent unauthorized copying by presenting a Void or Copy message after being copied or scanned.

Together, these layered elements create documents that are secure and protected to help minimize the risk of fraud.

New, Branded Authentication Portal Anchored to the Blockchain Verifies Originality & Preserves Data Integrity

Designed specifically for use in high security scenarios, SecureDocs protects not just the document, but the data contained within. While it’s the document that gets forged, it’s the data that is the most valuable.

To accommodate a myriad of clients worldwide, TROY developed a branded authentication portal where end-users or authorized third-party users could scan the digital security codes printed on the document to verify, 1) the originality of the document, 2) the uniqueness of the data, and 3) the tracking details for the actual document.

After listening to the market and working with governments and public sector organizations over the last year, it was determined new, more secure methods of verifying the actual data were needed. The latest release of SecureDocs ties data to the blockchain for easy, accurate authentication.

Demo SecureDocs at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo in Las Vegas

Located at Booth 210, TROY will have document security experts manning the booth and providing demos of the SecureDocs total solution, complete with SecureUV technology.

If you’re not going to the ACCE, you can contact TROY at 304-232-0899 or to learn more about protecting your high security documents.

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