Diversified Nano Solutions Presents GoTest Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Diversified Nano (booth 629) specializes in developing and manufacturing nano materials and fluids used in high-performance functional inks for digital printing, unique customer applications, research and surface treatments. DNSC provides smartINK™ Solutions, an industry exclusive, which integrates revolutionary INKcrypt® smartQR™ biomarker technology with digital inks and the power of the internet. smartINK™ enables instant proof-of-item identity and location tracking using any internet connected device. The solution helps individuals, brand owners and large enterprises to grow market share and eliminate illicit trade. We have developed an extensive product line of inks known as x-nano™, providing a range of solutions that utilize nano particles in long-term stable suspension, including MICR inks, invisible color (RGB) UV fluorescent inks and special pigmented/hybrid inks.


The leading handheld counterfeit detector for checks, currency and IDs brought to you by versacheck.com

Scan and authenticate MICR ink in seconds for check compliance!

• Activate MICR ink with magnet

• Swipe detector head until ‘beep’ confirms authenticity

• Reveal invisible ink on IDs and currency with UV flashlight

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VersaCheck.com is a leading supplier of productivity hardware, software and supplies for both home and business use. VersaCheck.com offers products in retail outlets in the US and Canada. VersaCheck.com offers business automation solutions that enhance productivity, and payment processing safeguards while reducing costs. VersaCheck.com makes products and services available in many important areas of corporate and small business use, including finance management, document and data Security, graphic design, ink and toner, printers, software and supplies in connection with DNA Secure check and forms printing, data capture, customer relationship management, sales automation, and accounting. VersaCheck.com also specializes in e-commerce solutions, such as Internet shopping sites and hosting, as well as electronic payment processing software for accepting and processing DNA Secure checks and on-line credit card payments. 


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