Playing poker can be really addicting. Whether you’re playing at a casino or in an online gambling site, you might end up spending the whole day before you, or your wallet perhaps, call it quits. Of course, it would be more fun if your every poker match ends with a big win. In this type of game when you need a great combination of chance, skill, and tricks, winning is certainly not guaranteed.

However, by creating your own effective gameplan before the match, you can increase the chances of you taking home the pot money. Just take a look at these very effective poker tricks that you can pull off to beat your opponents!

Trick Number 1: Learn To Re-Steal

Perform these little sneaky poker tricks and you will find your opponents looking for a loan just to stay in the game. For the first trick, you need to understand the concept of “re-stealing.” It can be observed in the last few years that players in poker tournaments have become very aggressive in raising wider range of poker hands.  In most instances, players opt to raise with far from premium hands. This has become a habit for many players that a special trick to bust this move was adopted, which is called re-stealing. This is very effective to use especially in a no-limite tournament, and all you have to do to attack late position raises is to make big three-bets.

In many poker tournament structures, the aim of the players is to continuously accumulate chips throughout the game. In this case, you can make it your advantage to constantly put pressure on these players by attacking their raises, and then taking down your aggression when you think the pressure is enough to force your opponents to fold.

You may suspect that one of your opponents has been habitually raising with too many hands, you can take a safe risk to re-raise or shove an all-in, with decent and premium hands, then brush them to one side. Of course, there is always a risk that this will fail, especially if someone does have a real winning hand. Although, in many occasions, this semi-bluff trick is effective as the other players’ raising range is much wider than their calling range.

Trick Number 2: Making Minimum Raise

If these giveaway tricks don’t make you sign up to situs judi online yet, I don’t know what else will. For the next big poker trick, you can play the passive act and appear too flimsy to make huge bets. To note, a raise of three times the big blind has already become a standard preflop raise. With smaller raises of about two to two and a half times larger than the big blind, some players find this to be a wise trick in tournaments. This is much mor effective in online poker matches when the blinds are bigger.

With a small preflop raise trick, you can actually defend yourself against those players who might adapted the steal and re-steal move in the game. This can also save you more chips in times that your opponent comes over the top with his or her raise.

If you decide to go minimum raise, you are only risking fewer chips to win the same amount of blinds. With lesser risk, you can make more attempts to steal more and attack far bigger number of pots.

The obvious setback in this trick is you are freely giving your opponents the better odd to see a cheap flop. However, even if one players does call and see it, you will still have the position and make smaller bets because the pot is smaller. You will also end up in control of the pot as the preflop aggressor.